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Are portable energy storage batteries really good? Can this portable battery be used for outdoor travel?

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Update time : 2021-04-19 17:46:30
      As we all know, indoor electricity is very convenient now. The grid and various power supply equipment are very complete. There are almost no power outages. However, for many factories, because the power outage of the production line is inevitable, a portable is needed. Energy storage batteries are used for emergencies, rather than continuing to supply power to restore production lines after the project stops, but only as electrical energy reserves.
Of course, there are many friends who have the habit of traveling. Short time and short distance are fine, but some friends prefer to travel farther. Driving RVs, self-driving tours, etc. need a battery like this to provide basic power supply for daily life.

1. What fields can portable energy storage batteries be used in?
For example, the use of electricity when traveling outdoors is a big problem. This energy storage battery can solve the problem very well, and can provide everyone with the basic electricity needs in life, and if it is used up, you can continue to find a place where it is convenient to charge. Charge and recycle.
This portable energy storage battery also has different specifications, and everyone can choose according to their different needs. In addition, the high-power energy storage battery can also be used as a reserve power source for production work in case of unexpected needs. It is equivalent to a large "power bank" that can be carried with you, but its work efficiency is higher than that of daily use. Many.

2. The value of portable energy storage batteries is also related to the brand
Anyone who has used energy storage power supplies knows that some energy storage power supplies cannot give full play to the value of their energy storage. In layman's terms, it means that the battery cannot be stored, fully charged, and it is gone before it is used. There are also some energy storage power supplies that are very slow when supplying power to electronic devices, and the work efficiency is very low. In fact, these are related to the choice of the brand, as the sales volume. As far as the top YTC is concerned, none of the above problems exist, and factory direct sales are cheaper.