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How to solve the high power consumption of data centers? Lithium energy storage will become a breakthrough

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Update time : 2021-08-05 09:27:22
How to solve the high power consumption of the data center?

The data center is never by your side, but it is closely related to everyone's life. Every order during online shopping, every like and every comment on social networking sites requires data to be called, which also requires the support of a data center, which also consumes electricity at all times.

The data center is a huge guy that consumes a lot of electricity. The annual power consumption of a very large data center can exceed a city of 300,000 people.

Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of data centers is a problem that must be solved on the road to carbon neutrality. With the increasing energy density of lithium batteries, the improvement of safety performance, and the reduction of costs, the demand for lithium batteries in the fields of communication, electric power, power vehicles, data centers and other fields is increasing. Lithium batteries are becoming low-energy data. The direction of the center is advancing steadily.

Lithium battery energy storage system reduces data center electricity expenses

For the core of the power supply system, UPS equipment is the key stand that supports the smooth operation of the entire data center. In the past, data centers mostly used lead-acid batteries for backup power. The life of these batteries was usually about 5 years. To ensure the safety of backup power, they had to be replaced regularly, and most of the batteries did not discharge during the life cycle, resulting in a waste of resources (sunk costs).

From the perspective of electricity consumption, the lithium battery energy storage system is just a useful place. If the lithium battery energy storage system is properly configured in the data center, on the one hand, it can be used as a backup power source to provide power protection, and at the same time, it can give full play to the role of peak shaving and valley filling to help save electricity bills and reduce energy consumption.

In contrast, compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries far surpass the former in terms of weight, energy storage, and life cycle. Lithium batteries take the energy dilemma of the data center as an entry point, and based on their function of "shaving peaks and filling valleys" for the power supply system, it can ensure the stability of power supply.

The emerging lithium battery energy storage system can be combined with the UPS system. Together, the power storage can also help the data center to perform energy-saving management, and the energy storage equipment can also interact with the grid friendly and complete the peak-shaving and valley-filling power load through power demand response. Management to create benefits for the data center.

For example, when the data center uses clean energy, especially the nearby volatile green power such as wind and light, lithium batteries can be used to store power when the power supply capacity of the grid is strong, and release it for supply when the power supply capacity drops. The use of data centers not only reduces the overall load of the city's electricity consumption, but also saves a lot of extra electricity expenses caused by peak electricity consumption.

In addition, for the data center, the benefits are far more than these. The use of lithium batteries can maximize the use of existing space and reduce operating costs. Lithium batteries can operate at higher temperatures than VRLA without loss of capacity and can reduce the load on the cooling system.

Summary: Establishing a green data center has become the trend and direction of future data center development. The data center is equipped with a lithium battery energy storage system, and the use of renewable clean energy can slow down the carbon emissions of the data center, save operating costs, and obtain benefits. This is the current stage of data The best choice for the center.
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