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Battery knowledge
Battery knowledge

Precautions for the use of new electric forklifts

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Update time : 2021-10-29 09:33:43
Correct and reasonable inspection and maintenance of the new forklift is the key to ensuring the progress of the work. Checking the relevant parameters and configuration of the electric forklift before use can ensure the safety and efficiency of the forklift. Today we will introduce the precautions for the use of the new forklift.

   1. Check whether the tire pressure meets the requirements, and whether the tools and accessories are complete. In the initial stage of use of the new forklift, due to the rough surface of the parts being processed has not been fully ground, there is still a certain deviation between the processed shape and the assembly position, there will be a gap between the fit clearance and the lubrication conditions, and the wear will be larger. Relatively speaking, the working temperature Slightly higher. It is best to use an electronic monitoring computer to check, if not, you can go to the company for consultation.
  2. Check whether the connectors, wiring, lighting, etc. of the electrical components are intact and connected. Whether the electrical instruments, speakers, and lights can work normally, whether the height of the electrolyte of the battery meets the requirements; whether the relative density of the electrolyte meets the requirements.
  3. Check whether the pipelines and joints of each part of the electric forklift are damaged, loose, water leaking, and oil leaking. In particular, whether there is leakage in the master cylinder and wheel cylinder of the hydraulic system and the service brake.
  4. Check the lubrication status of the electric forklift and engine or DC motor, and perform lubrication against the forklift lubrication point, and add enough oil, gear oil and grease.
  5. Check the tightening of the mechanical couplings of the electric forklift, especially whether the coupling bolts and locking devices of the steering system, wheels and tires, and lifting mechanism are tight and correct.
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