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Battery knowledge

What are the precautions for charging the lithium battery of aeromodelling

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Update time : 2021-10-09 10:07:38
1. If you are charging a single 3.7V model airplane lithium battery, it is best to measure the voltage of the single battery first. The remote control model airplane lithium battery voltage is higher than 4.2V, which is an overcharge. The internal chemical reaction is too intense, and the lithium battery will swell. If it continues to charge, it will expand and burn, and both over-discharge and over-charge will cause great damage to the aircraft model lithium battery.
2. When charging the RC lithium battery, you must wait until the battery is completely cooled before charging. You must wait until the RC lithium battery is completely cooled before charging. Otherwise, the battery will be seriously damaged. The newly used lithium battery will have residual temperature. A certain temperature. Therefore, the lithium battery should be left to stand for at least 40 minutes before recharging. The charging current of the lithium battery with 0.5~1C current should be 0.5~1 times (C) of the battery capacity.
3. Charging skills of conventional airplane model lithium battery: try to reduce the number of fast charging, and you can't charge the battery for no reason. At the same time, set the charging current according to the parameter performance of the model airplane lithium battery, not more than 2 times (C), that is, 2200mAh. The best charging current for a capacity lithium battery is 1.1~2.2A, and the maximum charging current should not exceed 3A.
4. Charging current of HM lithium battery: The charging current shall not exceed the maximum charging current specified in the specification (usually 0.5~1.0C or below). Charging with a current higher than the recommended current may cause the charging and discharging performance of the HM lithium battery. Mechanical performance and safety performance issues, and may cause heat generation or leakage. It is recommended not to use 5C charging frequently for the 5C current charging model aircraft batteries currently on the market, so as not to affect the battery life.
5. The charging voltage of aeromodelling lithium battery: the charging voltage must not exceed the specified limit voltage (4.2V/single battery), 4.25V is the highest limit of the charging voltage for each cell, and it is strictly forbidden to use direct charging, otherwise it may cause the battery to overcharge , The user is responsible for the consequences caused by the wrong use of the battery.
6. Charging temperature of the RC lithium battery: The battery must be charged within the ambient temperature range specified in the product specification, otherwise the RC lithium battery is easily damaged. When the battery surface temperature is found to be abnormal (referring to the surface temperature of the RC lithium battery exceeding 50°C) , Should stop charging the RC lithium battery immediately.
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