customized BMS lifepo4 36v trolling motor battery marine boat

Upgrade your marine boat’s trolling motor battery with our customized 36V LiFePO4 BMS (Battery Management System). Our advanced battery technology ensures optimized power delivery and extended usage, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and efficient boating experience without any worry about power supply. Customize your battery solution today for an enhanced and reliable marine adventure.

Basic Parameter
Nominal Voltage(V) 38.4V
Rated Capacity (Ah) 40Ah
Energy(Wh) 1536Wh
Cycle Life >6000 Cycles when 0.1C Discharge rate and 50% DOD
Operation Parameter
Charge Voltage (V) 43.8V
Discharge Cut Voltage (V) 30V
Constant charge Current 40A
Discharge Current(A) 40A
Peak discharge current 80A
Working Temperature




Dimension 327*168*213mm ;

12.875″*6.62″*9.06″ with terminal

Weight 15kg


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