META-2000: Portable Power Station with 4G/5G 1152Wh | 1500W

Enhance your outdoor experiences and protect yourself from blackouts with access to power, communication, entertainment, and more.

The Do-it-All Solution For Your Power Needs

Elevate your next outdoor experience with the game-changing YTC META-2000. Keep your campsite charged and enjoy full internet connectivity, when it’s needed. Whether you’re sending a quick message to a loved one, replying to an email to say you’ll deal with it on Monday, or winding down with a movie, META-2000’s 4G/5G connectivity has you covered. It features a super-fast recharging time of 1.5 hours and it weighs 27% less than the competition, so it’s ready at a moment’s notice and lighter to travel with.

META-2000 can charge up to 13 devices at once and boasts a 2016Wh /2300W capacity. All this power combined with its ability to get you back online, make it a fantastic option should you experience a power outage. The future of portable power is here.

A 4G/5G Coonection For a Next-Level Experience 

Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect. We encourage our users to get out and be one with nature. However, we also believe that having the ability to communicate, access information, or keep the family entertained can be equally important. META-2000 is the first portable power station to feature built-in 4G/5G/Wi-Fi connectivity. This is particularly useful should a blackout occur. It supports network protocols from over 40 mainstream carriers all over the world. META-2000 brings you unprecedented levels of connectivity when you need it.

Whether you are sending the occasional email in between ghost stories or getting back online after a power outage, META-2000 is there for you.

Cuuting-Edge Chip for Ultra-Reliable Signal

The META-2000 4G/5G version uses the latest generation of Qualcomm chip and supports Wi-Fi 6 protocol. This means that double the amount of devices can be connected to the internet at once while enjoying a reliable and secure network.

Huge Output Heavy-Duty Charging

With a 2300W maximum output and 2016Wh capacity, you’re able to power an air conditioning unit, charge your laptop 39 times, or your smartphone 128 times. The panel features three embedded international AC sockets that each produce pure sine wave output. These sockets allow you to charge appliances, to worldwide standards, without harming them. META-2000 is the ultimate solution for complex electricity needs


Don’t Wait Around to Start Your Adventure

META-2000 features ultra-fast recharging, so you can be ready to set off on your adventure faster. Go from 0% to 100% in just 1.5 hours, and keep your entire campsite powered and connected.

The advanced circuit management system allows for adjustable AC speeds, giving you multiple ways to charge your power station. Get a boost from the solar panels, your car, an AC outlet, and more. You’ll be spoiled for charging choice.


Quick and Convenient Recharging Options

YTC META-2000 can be recharged in multiple ways:


Green Power Rules!

Designed for the outdoors, META-2000 features solar energy recharging for a clean and efficient boost when you need it. The solar panels allow you to fully recharge your portable power station in just 3.5 hours.

Each YTC solar panel can produce up to 100W of input under ideal sunlight conditions, making your outdoor adventures go further. They also feature a one-piece, foldable design for improved water resistance. Connect up to 6 panels at once and enjoy a 23% energy conversion efficiency rate and up to 600W input power.


Be Prepared for Possible Blackouts

Given the current energy crisis many countries around the world are facing, power outages are becoming increasingly likely.With YTC META-2000 you can keep your home appliances running should your electricity cut off. Power your electric stove for 1-2 hours, keep your refrigerator running, and get back online with a 4G/5G connection. It’s always better to be prepared.


All the Power,Less to Carry

Lugging around most portable power stations can leave you wondering if they are even worth the hassle. META-2000 weighs 27% less than the 2016Wh competition, at only 16 kg. It’s easy to load in your car or move around the campsite, while still delivering 2300 Watts of steady power. This compact powerhouse also features a built-in handle, making moving your META-2000 a breeze.

How did we cut down the weight while maintaining the power?

Firstly, we started by using automotive-grade power cells which have a low weight, high power density ratio of 240WH/Kg.

Secondly, we used our expertise in digital power integration technology! Our engineers found a way to combine the MPPT, bidirectional charging inverter, and DC output into a single module. As this module is controlled by DSP, we can also reduce the number of PCBs by 3, allowing for higher efficiency and stability with decreased volume.

Finding these intelligent workarounds allowed us to bring you a portable power station that packs the same punch, but weighs 27% less.


Ultra-Safe Protection Advanced BMS System

The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) is a fundamental component of any portable power station. It improves battery utilization and extends the battery service life through protection from short-circuiting, overcurrent, over-voltage, overloading, overheating, and other functions.

Our advanced BMS system includes deep sleep technology so your power station lasts longer. When you are not using your META-2000 it will automatically control and lower the consumption rate to only 30 microamps.

META-2000 stays safe during high-power charging and discharging. It features smart output control with bi-directional tech that allows for a continuous output of pure sine waves. This means you can charge appliances of different power without harming them.



META-2000 is proven reliable and secure. It has undergone four rigorous safety tests and is backed by more than 100 quality certifications.

It features eight security protocols, including smart temperature control which protects the battery from overheating. It is also fitted with six low-noise fans that only start when the device reaches 45°C allowing META-2000 to stay quiet during overnight use.

Great for the Outdoors Invaluable in Emergency

META-2000 goes above and beyond its primary functions with its versatile lighting. It not only keeps you powered and connected, but it also offers an LED light for SOS situations, a mosquito repellent lamp, and mood lighting. META-2000 is a bright idea for any outdoor adventure and during blackouts!


Emergency Lighting on 0% Battery

In case of an emergency or blackout, META-2000 can be used as a light source for up to 20 hours, even when the battery level is at 0%.



META – 2000  Output Ports


META – 2000  Specs


How to Get a 4G/5G Connection

We’ll provide you with a data SIM card with your purchase that will enable you to connect with most carriers in your country. This SIM will include 100 MB of pre-installed data for testing. You will need to charge and pay for additional data via your carrier’s website



Supported Countries and Regions

META-2000 is available in five different AC output versions: US, UK, EU, AU, and JP.

Here is the list of supported countries and the price of our data SIM card. You can choose to use the SIM provided or your own data SIM card.

See what carriers are available in your country:

What’s In The Box

1、META-2000 x1
2、AC input cable x1
3、Car recharge cable x1
4、Car charging cable width a alligator clips x1
5、User manual x1
6、Warrenty card x1

1、META-2000 x1
2、AC input cable x1
3、Car charging cable with alligator clips  x1
4、User manual x1
5、Warrenty card x1
6、Antenna x5
7、Router setting instructions x1
8、Card tray & Pin x1
9、SIM x1

META – 2000  Color Box Information

Color box size: 435 (L) X 360 (W) X 390 (H) mm

Weight of color box (basic version): 20.5Kg
Color box weight (4G/5G version): 21Kg



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